Common Questions

What is a pardon?

The pardon power of the President of the United States extends only to criminal offenses that occurred under federal law. However, governors of most states have the power to grant pardons for offenses under state criminal law. In a few states, the power to pardon is committed to an appointed agency or board, or to a board and the governor in a dual-agency arrangement.

Where can I find my criminal records?

To successfully apply for most pardon's you will need to know the details of your criminal record. The best place to start looking is the court where your case was heard. If the case is so old that the court does not have copies of the court file, you will most likely need to contact your state's central repository for criminal records (typically called a Department of Justice, Department of Public Safety, Bureau of Criminal Information, etc). You can also find information very fast, though sometimes not 100% complete, at Once you start the pardon process with, you will receive more information on how to obtain your records.

Should I try to get an expungement prior to a pardon?

If you are eligible for any other form of relief (expungement, record sealing, setting aside, etc), you should also try to obtain it. You can find free information on those types of services at

Is This Site Secure?

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Can't I find the Pardon Application elsewhere?

First of all, beware of anyone who makes you pay anything for a standard form that is freely available. Our system is unique in that we customize each form with helpful information and tips so your chances of success are as high as possible. Our partner,, has a large selection of free downloadable criminal record removal forms. You may also call your local court for more information and assistance.